Reno Sub-Systems Launched New Radio Frequency (RF) Matching Networks

Reno Sub-Systems, the industry's leading producer of high performance radio frequency (RF) matching networks, RF generators and semiconductor manufacturing gas flow management systems, today announced the latest additions to its Precis solid state generator family at SEMICON West. The new Precis solid state generator is capable of delivering 1.6kW of power at 2.45GHz, the highest power solid-state microwave generator dedicated to semiconductor plasma applications. The company's generators meet the growing demand for advanced subsystem technology in the semiconductor industry to help the industry maintain the pace of Moore's Law.

"For decades, the subsystem has been the first to achieve a new process and future component generation." Reno Sub-Systems CEO Bob Macnight said, "Our technology is widely recognized by the industry, 80% of the top semiconductor electronic components manufacturers and equipment The manufacturer has ordered Reno's products. "

Precis microwave generators use highly reliable solid-state architectures to provide accurate, repeatable and stable microsecond ramp times. Precis's microwave power control provides significantly improved frequency control compared to the corresponding magnetron technology for microwave generators. Eliminating aging magnetron technology also reduces maintenance requirements, thereby reducing ownership costs.

The Precis range of generators is the latest addition to Reno's outstanding Velocity Series EVC Matching Network portfolio. The Velocity EVC Matching Network has superior performance and processing power, ranging from 500W to 4.5kW and frequencies from 500kHZ to 40MHz.

Precis microwave generator specifications:

Frequency 2.45GHz 1.6kW microwave output

The operation uses 200/208, three phase, 50 / 60Hz AC

Coaxial and waveguide output options

Serial and analog communication

Provides DeviceNet and EtherCAT communication options

19-inch rack mount design for easy integration

Reference: cr123a datesheet and pmdxb950upe datesheet