Omron Adopted Maxim MAX14827A Dual-channel IO-Link Transceiver

Maxim announced that its MAX14827A dual-channel IO-Link transceiver has been adopted by Omron. Maxim offers high-performance devices that use IO-Link sensors to reduce maintenance costs and improve uptime and continuous diagnostics and monitoring at Omron's customer base.

IO-Link is a standardized input / output technology that has been quickly adopted in Europe and is now growing at the same rate in the Japanese market. In recent years, IO-Link has attracted attention because of the technology of seamlessly connecting various factory sensors through digital communication to realize the technology of intelligent factory application. Due to the recognition of the importance of IO-Link, Maxim has developed a wide range of products using IO-Link technology, including MAX14827A IO-Link dual-channel transceivers in New Industry 4.0 applications.

Omron is currently expanding its IO-Link sensor family of products, mainly in the field of optoelectronic and proximity sensors. Omron's IO-Link sensor has independent identification capabilities, as well as detection of abnormal, state monitoring and other features to help customers significantly reduce downtime, reduce the frequency of accidental failure, improve the efficiency of setting changes. Can use PLC and other excellent performance of the controller, in the EtherCAT protocol through the main unit to collect key data to ensure the stable operation of equipment to achieve more intelligent production.You can also buy it from electronic component distributors.

IO-Link (IEC 61131-9) is the world's first standard IO technology for sensor and actuator communication. Powerful point-to-point communication is based on a mature 3-wire sensor and actuator connector that uses existing cables.

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