Western Digital Launched A New My Passport Ultra Drive

Western Digital, the global leader in storage technology and solutions, today announced the new My Passport Ultra drive to expand its WD branded My Passport portable hard drive product line. The hard drive not only has a new metallic feel, but also provides easy-to-use WD Discovery ™ software that allows consumers to easily back up their photos, videos and videos created and shared on different social networks, cloud services and devices Important documents. My Passport Ultra is the ideal storage solution for every consumer who wants to focus and properly save his digital life.

According to Parks Associates Research 1, today's consumers have several community media accounts, with an average of three public cloud services per family, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, whose digital content will continue to grow. Consumers can use a variety of ways to create, share and store content, so a suitable solution is needed to integrate all the important information. My Passport Ultra with WD Discovery software, you can easily backup Facebook, Instagram * and other popular community platform content. With just a few simple steps, users can download all the content to their hard drive, including photos and videos that are tagged on Facebook. WD Discovery software provides an excellent way for users to back up files from public cloud services to My Passport Ultra to save more than one copy.

"As consumers become more mobile, many of their content is spread across different devices, cloud services, and social media," said Glenn Hower, senior analyst at Parks Associates. "The fundamental problem consumers face, perhaps forgetting Which devices are stored under which account, so the device manufacturers and service providers are committed to providing a better way to integrate and enhance the consumer experience. "

My Passport Ultra is equipped with easy-to-install WD Backup software, users can set the automatic backup of the schedule, directly from the computer to the data backup to the hard drive to ensure that valuable digital memories and files can be safe and fast and easy backup. In addition, My Passport Ultra also uses WD Security software with 256-bit AES hardware encryption to help protect the security of private content. Users can use the personal password to start hardware encryption and data protection, help protect the security of private content.If you want to learn more information,please go to electronics chip.

Sven Rathjen, vice president of marketing, Western Solutions for Client Solutions, said: "It's time to create and share photos, videos, and important archives on a number of platforms to ensure that consumers can use all the precious Digital content integration collection, we have been committed to providing both high-quality, high performance and high reliability of the storage solutions to meet consumer expectations of the WD brand.We re-build the portable storage product line, with easy to operate Of the software, ultra-high capacity and beautiful appearance design, perfect to meet today's digital lifestyle. "

My Passport Ultra's stylish design, the continuation of the My Passport series in October 2016 launched a new industrial design style, but also with the award-winning industrial design and brand company fuseproject and its chief designer Yves Behar work together The results. My Passport Ultra with metal matte finish, black / gray, white / gold two options. This hard drive can be easily held in the hands, into the pocket or handbag, so that consumers can feel at ease to backup all the favorite content.

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