HID Global Launched HID Approve Mobile App In 2017 GSMA

Authentication Solution Provider HID Global Attends 2017 GSMA World Mobile Congress - Shanghai. The conference was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 28 to June 30, 2017. HID Global's booth number is W3 Hall E05. During the show, HID Global demonstrated the new App - HID Approve ™, which turned mobile devices into handheld verification devices or "authenticators" to become online access and transaction requests such as e-banking transactions or corporate VPN access Effective weapon. In addition, HIDGlobal also shows another App Mobile Access that takes you through the new access control for mobile and wearable devices.

The HID Approve mobile application combines public key cryptography and push technology to create a new experience for consumers in banks, retailers and healthcare providers, as well as between businesses and employees. After installing the app, customers can clearly understand who is accessing their confidential and proprietary information for more effective management. HID Approve brings unprecedented authentication to consumers and employees, improving transaction security.

HID Global's new software-based solution enables next-generation multi-factor authentication, which is more intuitive and more user-friendly than traditional authentication methods. Its ultimate goal is to improve the network security of enterprise digital business, while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

"HID Approve will revolutionize the digital transaction security verification model, similar to Uber's transformation in the automotive service space and the way in which the mobile key is set up to stay in the hotel," said Brad Jarvis, vice president and general manager, IAM Solutions, HID Global. The application significantly simplifies the operation, giving consumers greater control over the power, so as to better protect their own financial, to prevent fraud, peace of mind to swim the network world.

HID Approve Infrastructure based on HID Global's ActivID® authentication system (ActivID® Authentication). Whenever a user attempts to trade or access online, the ActivID authentication system uses push technology to send a notification to the consumer's mobile device requesting him / her to approve the transaction or login attempt. Users can swipe to the right to choose to accept, or left to choose to refuse - the operation is very simple, just light the fingertip to achieve targeted real-time authentication.

HID Approve has multiple setup options:

• A one-stop solution managed by HID Global for easy customization, allowing users to showcase their brands at any time without having to create and maintain their own applications.

Users can also integrate HID Approve functionality into existing enterprise applications through a software development kit.

The new solution also provides a flexible, customized verification strategy with reliable security and powerful data analysis capabilities to provide audit records for financial institutions and for businesses in the PSD2 (EU Payment Service Directive II) The work of the table to help. The platform also supports HID's popular one-time password token series.

With Adaptive Security Verification, HID Approve provides a perfect balance between security and ease of use and integrates multiple authentication methods to better meet the needs of businesses and consumers.If you want to learn information, please go to electronic component distributors website.

The introduction of HID Approve further enriches HID Global's identity management solution. Currently HID Global provides products, certification technologies and equipment that cover the entire identity lifecycle, including password cards, smart cards, biometrics, and the latest push technology to ensure that the right people access the appropriate information to escort the company's safe operation.

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