About Us

WHO IS Electronics-Chip.com?
Electronics-chip.com is the world’s largest and fastest growing superstore for the electronic components industry.
offering inventory of warrantied and traceable components at competitive prices.
As a professional independent distributor,Electronics-chip dedicates itself in obsolete, hard-to-find, long lead time as well as discontinued parts.

Your electronic part search will be finally over in Electronics-chip.com.
With our huge inventory and database of electronic parts, you will quickly find out the part number you need even it is obsolete. The minute you send the RFQ, you will receive a detailed quote with availability, best pricing and delivery terms in 24 hours.

Benefits for You

Easily satisfy your need.
With millions of ICs, semiconductors, and memory chips etc, in stock, your obsolete electronic part needs can be easily satisfied in Electronics-chip.com.

You will receive goods with best quality and condition.
Electronics-chip.com buys from original components manufacturers and their authorized distributors, as well as major OEMs, EMS for their excess inventory.

Simple process to operate.
Our easy-to-operate online platform streamlines searching and buying electronic components process by providing superior technical data and 24-hour access to the global marketplace.

Guarantees for You

The electronic components you buy come with 60 Day Warranty.

Returning product with official test report within 15 days of your purchase, Electronics-chip.com will respond to you with a RMA(Return Material Authorization) in 10 working days.

Contact us :   sales@electronics-chip.com